Toilet Paper Milde Cool Blue 16 pcs

Brand: Milde

Product code: 034377

Three-ply Toilet Paper Milde Cool Blue Scented 16 pcs

Milde is preferential toilet paper from 100% cellulose material. Thanks to its innovative relief it creates a unique sense of softness and density. The layers are its sparkling white with colorful motifs blooming flowers. To really perfect Milde has exquisite and long-lasting scents that will bring freshness in your everyday life. Depending on your personality and style can choose the preferred option Milde among the four combinations of color and aromas.

Thanks to new triplastov relief Milde e denser and softer than ever.

The roll is tightly coiled and tear at the perforation. Milde has snowy whiteness, fine patterns in soft colors, combined with aromas of fine perfumery.

Unique design combined with a fresh, clean scent, creating a feeling of cool breeze.
Snow-white paper.
Light blue miotivi of blooming flowers.
Fragrance with fresh top notes and extremely noble, deep and lasting basis
Milde Cool Blue brings a sense of sea breeze into the bathroom and gives a sense of undisturbed SPA feeling.


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