Sanitary Pads Libresse Ultra Thin Goodnight Night 10 pcs

10 pcs

Expiry date: 23/03/2023

Brand: Libresse

Origin: Slovakia

Product code: 034803

Thin pads - 3 mm thick, 320 mm length.
The greater length and absorption capacity makes Libresse Ultra Goodnight particularly suited for heavy menstrual flow, and for use at night.
Dermatologically tested.

Sanitary towels Libresse Ultra with Triple Protection course:
1. Fast absorbent core dry and comfortable feeling.
2.Through technology SecureFit ™ bandage is specially designed with a different form front and rear so that it fits perfectly to the body for maximum protection and confidence.
3.Povarhnostta is soft and gentle, a "cotton" and breathable top layer that allows skin to breathe and helps to eliminate unpleasant fermentation and irritations.

Manufacturer: Essity