Puree Ovko Turkey and Cauliflower 190 g

190 g

Expiry date: 08/08/2022

Brand: Ovko

Product code: 016419

For children after sixth months. Gluten-free.

Done meat-vegetable menu for infants from 6 months to complement the dairy baby food. Completely natural product. Without addition of salt and saccharose, and chemical preservatives, artificial colors and flavors. Sterilized and clinically tested product.

Ingredients: Turkey breast meat 12%, meat broth, parsley 9.6%, 5.9% cauliflower, rice flour 3.5%, corn starch, glucose syrup, sunflower oil.

Nutritional value of 100 g of finished product:
An energizing: 226/54 (kj / kcal)
Carbohydrates: 6.5 on
Fat: 1.28 on
Protein: 2.9g
Sodium: 12.4 mg.