Product replacement policy

Product replacement policy

Packaging and storage of the orders from takes place in our central warehouse. In case of missing products in orders due to lack of availability, some of them can be replaced by our packing team. Products will be replaced only if you indicate that you agree when you finish your order. Our team will do their best to choose the best possible product with similar price and quality. Specific products that have no analogue will be removed from the order.

Notification for replacements and removed missing products from the final account

You will receive an email with information about all the order changes as well as they will be reflected in your profile. If you pay cash on delivery, the missing products will be removed from the final amount. For orders paid online, you will receive a promo code for a discount on the value of the missing products or, if you wish, the amount will be refunded to your account.

Packaging process and why products are missing

Our stock system previews in our website all available products in our warehouse at the time of your shopping. Sometimes it is possible for products to run out of stock once you have completed your order. This is because our team has started packing orders completed before you have ordered the same products and they are already not available before packing your order. All orders are packing a few hours before delivery to make sure you get the freshest products possible. For this reason, if you made your order a few days in advance, it is also possible that the product is out of stock.
Our team is working hard to maintain sufficient availability to minimize the possibility of a missing product.