eBag is coming to Plovdiv. We drawn the winners.

📣 On 05.10.20 EBAG comes to Plovdiv.

We start with deliveries to your doorstep in:

🏠 Plovdiv

🏠 Markovo

🏠 Belashtitsa

If you are from there, make a customer registration now , because eBag will give away gifts. The first 1000 registered in the period 25.09 to 02.10.20 will receive free delivery for their first order .

On a raffle basis we will distribute more:

🎁 10 vouchers for shopping worth BGN 100

🎁 50 subscriptions for 12 months free delivery from EBAG

🎁 100 vouchers for shopping worth BGN 10.

This is to make it nice and tasty for us. Don't wait - register now here.

Share the news with all your friends and win free shopping when we open "doors" under the hills.

See the full conditions for participation here.

Shopping should be more than just an experience. Try now. In the region of Plovdiv will:

• we deliver from 07:00 to 22:00, at a time of your choice.

• Fast same day delivery. Orders placed before 16:00 can be delivered up to 5 hours from the completion of the order.

• free delivery for orders over BGN 100.

• over 10,000 various products from proven manufacturers.

10 vouchers for shopping worth BGN 100 for:
Т.Д. tin*@gmail.com
Г.Г. G.g*@code-nest.com
D.M. Dar*@icloud.com
В.П. val*@gmail.com
С.К. sna*@hotmail.com
А.Х. Ana*@abv.bg
Т.Г. t.g*@gmail.com
Ц.Х. tzv*@abv.bg
Л.С. lin*@abv.bg
Р.А. rai*@abv.bg

50 subscriptions for 12 months free delivery from EBAG for:
A.G. ann*@gmail.com
Д.О. ogn*@abv.bg
Й.Г. sun*@mail.bg
Т.Н. tih*@gmail.com
Р.П. rpr*@soudanov.org
Г.К. g.k*@gmail.com
Н.Н. n.b*@gmail.com
В.И. v_i*@yahoo.com
О.В. Oli*@abv.bg
З.П. ina*@gmail.com
Р.К. rad*@abv.bg
Д.Г. did*@gmail.com
В.Г. ven*@gmail.com
Д.Т. des*@gmail.com
А.В. ane*@nobelpharma.bg
М.Е. mai*@gmail.com
S.P. por*@gmail.com
Р.К. rka*@gmail.com
Н.Т. nad*@abv.bg
Д.К. des*@gmail.com
Д.Д. dia*@abv.bg
Е.К. str*@abv.bg
Е.К. elv*@gmail.com
Д.П. cve*@yahoo.com
D.N. tet*@abv.bg
S.B. qwe*@abv.bg
З.И. Zar*@yandex.ru
В.К. vil*@abv.bg
П.Х. psp*@gmail.com
A.T. agl*@yahoo.com
I.I. iva*@abv.bg
З.Л. zla*@yahoo.com
K.M. kat*@abv.bg
Е.В. elh*@gmail.com
А.М. Jum*@abv.bg
Л.М. lui*@abv.bg
М.Б. mar*@abv.bg
Н.А. nic*@gmail.com
Е.Ч. Eli*@abv.bg
К.Д. kat*@gmail.com
М.А. ont*@gmail.com
Б.Т. ben*@abv.bg
Н.М. nev*@gmail.com
А.П. ip4*@gmail.com
В.Д. vil*@abv.bg
К.Н. Nen*@gmail.com
А.Р. ale*@gmail.com
К.Л. kar*@gmail.com
И.Й. Iva*@yahoo.com
М.К. mar*@abv.bg

100 vouchers for shopping worth BGN 10 for:
S.T. mon*@gmail.com
К.М. k.m*@gmail.com
А.Т. ale*@gmail.com
М.Ш. muk*@gmail.com
М.Д. mzl*@gbg.bg
Н.Н. nik*@abv.bg
Е.Г. eli*@yahoo.co.uk
П.Д. pla*@abv.bg
Л.К. kit*@vip.bg
М.Ч. mar*@gmail.com
Е.А. kar*@abv.bg
A.Y. ang*@abv.bg
Т.Н. teo*@gmail.com
R.D. Mes*@abv.bg
П.С. pin*@abv.bg
Н.Ч. nad*@abv.bg
М.Д. mdo*@abv.bg
A.P. apu*@gmail.com
М.Х. mha*@gmail.com
M.D. Mar*@abv.bg
Н.Ч. nad*@hotmail.com
З.А. ang*@gmail.com
Ц.Ч. Tsv*@abv.bg
К.З. zil*@abv.bg
В.К. Ari*@abv.bg
М.П. mar*@abv.bg
М.К. mar*@abv.bg
Н.Н. Pre*@abv.bg
Г.Р. ray*@icloud.com
Й.Г. Jgr*@abv.bg
Н.С. nel*@abv.bg
М.К. Mim*@abv.bg
Б.С. bib*@abv.bg
М.Р. ran*@abv.bg
И.Й. ive*@gmail.com
N.K. nik*@gmail.com
М.К. Wei*@gmail.com
Р.Ж. ren*@yahoo.com
В.Ч. lie*@abv.bg
Е.Д. et_*@abv.bg
П.З. pec*@abv.bg
А.С. Dan*@abv.bg
Ц.П. ts.*@gmail.com
D.K. dan*@yahoo.com
Р.Т. rad*@abv.bg
Х.С. hri*@abv.bg
В.Д. vay*@gmail.com
Ю.Д. yul*@abv.bg
A.A. shu*@abv.bg
К.Р. kri*@abv.bg
Ц.Ц. zwz*@abv.bg
С.П. vla*@abv.bg
М.В. mar*@gmail.com
Г.Ч. che*@gmail.com
Е.Б. eli*@abv.bg
Л.У. lig*@abv.bg
М.К. Epi*@abv.bg
Д.З. Aiv*@abv.bg
Г.Я. jor*@gmail.com
С.О. sla*@abv.bg
С.Ч. sla*@abv.bg
Н.П. nik*@abv.bg
Г.С. ger*@gmail.com
Т.Я. yak*@abv.bg
В.К. viv*@abv.bg
С.М. ste*@abv.bg
С.Т. Sin*@abv.bg
Д.П. dim*@gmail.com
K.P. sim*@abv.bg
Н.Н. nan*@gmail.com
П.М. pet*@mail.bg
Г.И. Ger*@abv.bg
О.П. Oli*@abv.bg
Н.Х. ned*@gmail.com
Р.К. rad*@gmail.com
N.G. ned*@yahoo.co.uk
К.К. kam*@gmail.com
К.К. Kos*@web.de
С.Р. sta*@icloud.com
Ц.М. tsv*@abv.bg
И.Е. iva*@gmail.com
М.С. mar*@abv.bg
T.S. Ton*@siderov.com
Д.Н. don*@abv.bg
Я.Г. gro*@gmail.com
В.Д. Ves*@mail.bg
А.А. ata*@abv.bg
К.М. kam*@mitzev.com
М.Г. nik*@abv.bg
Д.Д. ves*@abv.bg
Т.П. Tan*@abv.bg
Г.Я. gal*@abv.bg
Н.Ц. nin*@gmail.com
Т.Б. ley*@me.com
Й.Ж. yon*@gmail.com
А.К. Ase*@abv.bg
В.Т. tod*@abv.bg
В.П. div*@abv.bg
Н.М. n.m*@mail.bg
Д.З. z.d*@gmail.com

All winners will be informed by email.