Shopping lists with favorite products for quick and easy shopping

You have the option to bookmark your favorite products, organize them into lists, and complete your orders even faster.
You can create many different shopping lists, for example: "Shopping for the villa", "Shopping for relatives", "Shopping for my diet", etc.

How do I create and where to find your lists?
You can access your list of favorite products through My profile -> Favorites
Списък любими

Adding and removing products from the list
You can add or remove products from the list at any time. Next to each product you have a heart button. From this button you can add and remove the product from your lists and to choose in which list to add it. Add to favorites

Share List
You can share your list using the link button on the right of the list name.
Delete products from the list
You can delete selected products from the list by clicking on the "pencil" button to the right of the list name.
Add products from a list to the cart
With the Buy button you can load all products from a list in the cart.

Delete products from list