From the farm to your doorstep

Farm and handmade products

As more and more people are interested in high quality and healthy agricultural and farm products, we decided to turn this into our mission - to pay attention to small Bulgarian producers and support their efforts in order to present delicious and wholesome food with native production.

In the category “Farm Products” we combine fruits, vegetables, dairy and meat products that cover all the necessary requirements and regulations; farms which have passed control tests and have certificates , for the quality of the products. At the same time, they are made by people who put all their love to produce boutique products. This is usually done in small farms in sheltered Bulgarian mountain areas where the production cycle is closed - everything is made there, processed by authentic methods and the final products are as close as possible to traditional flavors, preserved through the ages. Often these products are associated with natural food, produced in small quantities, following the weather seasons and growth processes, with no artificial ingredients and minimal processing.

Here you can find products from small family farms, each keeping their own family production traditions, bringing back the forgotten flavors of our childhood - the smell of garden tomatoes, the taste of real milk, the sausages from real meat that hung in the houses of the village where we spent our vacations.

Traditionally, our grandparents have stored and processed the products naturally, such as drying, fermentation, smoking, salting, etc., which is being actively applied today by our farmers. This also fully applies to the application of sustainable agriculture without artificial fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. Grazing makes animals stronger and the meat more healthy.

Because food production is a craft that has been passed down through the generations. More and more young people are able to recreate much of the manual processes and technologies that our grandfathers have used, and to pass on delicious and wholesome food to our children. And our mission is to help these products reach every home and family!

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