How to fill in an address for delivery in your cart?

In the photos below you can check how to fill in your address for delivery easily.

Option 1:
Press on the icon right of the field for address which will locate your current address. In order to use it you have to allow to our website to use your location from your browser or mobile device. Check on the photo below:

use location

Option 2:
Fill in your address where you would like to receive the delivery. You need to write your city, street or neighbourhood and automatic suggestions will appear below. Choose your address by clicking on the accurate suggestion. Check our example:

Fill in an address

Confirm your accurate location:
After you fill in your address you will see a map with your location. A red pin will mark your location. If the location is not accurate you can move the pin by clicking on it and drag it on the map to your address for delivery. On the fields below you can check your information and add additional notes for your address and confirm them by clicking on the "Continue" button. Check the photo below:

Confirm location