eBag.bg - The New Beginning

How it all started
The rise of the idea
It’s Friday night and Ivan again is in the supermarket along with Dessy to make their grocery shopping for the weekend. It can be said that Ivan does not like doing shopping at all. Waiting for the next long queue of the cashier, he decides that he needs to find a solution for himself and for people who do not like spending hours a month at the supermarket.
The start of the project
After a long research, Ivan forms the idea for the project eBag.bg and quickly finds followers to help him implement it. As a partner in the project also joins Fantastico. Everything started as a joke in May 2015, in a small office in Banishora, with two delivery guys across Sofia and one delivery bus. The service is rapidly expanding, and three years later it has already helped over 10,000 households in Sofia with their weekly grocery shopping.

The new beginning
The New Home
After years of successful partnership with Fantastico, it’s time eBag.bg to continue its adventure alone. We are grateful to Fantastico for the support during these years.
In June 2018, eBag.bg started a separate work from its new home - a central warehouse specially tailored for the execution of orders made through the online store. Our team and mission remain the same - offering fast delivery at convenient times, quality products and excellent service.
What's ahead
You can expect many new products and new product categories, which are not available in regular supermarkets. In the next several weeks, the eBag.bg team goal will be to update the product assortment with the most preferred and favorite products of its customers. A priority of the platform will be to offer a variety of attractive promotions.

The whole team of eBag.bg is very grateful to all clients for their trust, patience and understanding during the upcoming changes. We will keep going together with offering more convenient shopping and saving more time for the family.