We bring the best of Bulgarian farms

With a fast delivery to your doorstep we bring you products from over 70 Bulgarian farms and craft workshops. We offer a wide variety of clean and quality food, produced in a closed cycle. Enjoy authentic seasonal flavours, bearing the characteristic features of the local culture, local farms and recipes brought out from old traditions.

Deliveries every day
to your doorstep

  • We deliver every day from 07:00 to 23:00. Orders made up to 19:00 can be delivered on the same day.

  • Over 10 000 products, carefully selected from proven manufacturers.

  • Free delivery for orders over 100 BGN.

  • Over 35 000 households use the service.

We guarantee money back
without asking questions

For us, the quality of the products and the trust of our customers are of key importance.

To ensure this, we promise that you can return the product to us and we will refund your money, without asking unnecessary questions.

From the farm with love

Support local producers with us who grow clean and tasty fruits and vegetables and deliver them to us at EBAG, just a few hours after the harvest. Check out our farm products here.

Everyone has the right to access real food

At EBAG, we fully believe in this. We select the products carefully and offer a great variety with fresh quality. We place a strong emphasis on Bulgarian, farming, handicraft and products that are not available in supermarkets.