Goat Cheese with Wine

100 g

Origin: Spain

Product code: 503200

Quesos El Pastor company was born a humble family cheesemaking business back in 1967. Today, 50 years later, we have become a quality reference in cheesemaking. The unceasing hard work performed by Quesos El Pastor staff has been recognised with a number of awards and prizes, which have valued the perseverance and the efforts of each and every person in this large family. 

Cheese matured ca. 2 months. Cheese is cylindrical with a smooth reddish purple rind from the bathing in red wine. The aroma is mild, agreeably acid and a little salty. The texture is creamy, easy for cutting with visible small irregular holes. 

Ingredients: pasteurized goat´s MILK, salt, stabiliser: calcium chloride, microbial rennet, cheese cultures (MILK). On rind: red wine 1%