Frequently asked questions

Order from eBag

Can I order by phone?

We accept all orders online through the site. At this time we do not accept orders by phone.

Why can't I see some time slots for the day I want to place an order?

In case some of the time slots for the day are not visible when finalizing your order, it means that the specific slots are occupied. In order to deliver your order on time, it is necessary to plan well all orders for the day, respectively at maximum load of a particular slot, it is not displayed.

Can I add products to an already placed order?

You can add products to an already completed order once up to 4 hours before the start of the delivery slot. To do this, you need to load the necessary products into your cart and select "Make an addition" to one of your active orders.
There is no additional delivery charge for the add-on, but if there is one charged for the main order, its price does not change.

Can I return my old bags for recycling?

Yes. Upon delivery of your new order, you can return the bags from the previous one. We will make sure they are recycled.

If I add the products to my cart, will I reserve the quantities?

Adding products to the cart is not a guarantee for reserving their quantity. Quantities are reserved for you only after you complete your order.

How can I find out the expiration date of the products?

The expiration date of the products can be found in the description of each product.

Complaint and feedback

Where can I send my complaint?

To file a complaint, you can contact our team every day from 8:00 to 22:00 at 0700 88 150 and 02 442 0126 or by email

What should I do if I have received products in bad condition or I have missing products from the order?

If your order contains missing products or products in bad condition, you can contact our operator and report the problem. It is good to submit your signal within 24 hours after the delivery of the order.

How can I cancel my order?

To cancel an order it is necessary to contact our operator at 0700 88 150 and 02 442 0126 or by email

How to proceed in case of difference in weights between the ordered and delivered products?

Once your order is collected and packaged, you will receive an email with all the corrections. If the order is paid online and the delivered products have a smaller weight, you will receive a promo code for the difference. If the order is cash on delivery, the final payment amount will be changed.
In cases where the weight is higher than ordered, a surcharge will be generated to the order.

Transport and delivery of orders

For which areas can I order?

The delivery areas we serve are: Sofia, Plovdiv, Bankya, Pernik, Novi Iskar, Kostinbrod, Bozhurishte, Elin Pelin, Asenovgrad, Kuklen, Pazardzhik, Stamboliyski, Bansko, Razlog, Dobrinishte, Elin Pelin Station, Chelopechene, Botunets, Kremikovtsi, Seslavtsi, Svetovrachene, Chepintsi, Negovan, Dobroslavtsi, Ravno Pole, Musachevo, Gorni Bogrov, Dolni Bogrov, Novi Han, Yana, Ivanyane, Pancharevo, Kokalyane, German, Bistritsa, Vladaya, Dragichevo, Rudartsi, Kladnitsa, Delta Hill, Voluyak, Mramor, Mirovyane, Marchaevo, Malo Buchino, Lozen, Kazichene, Krivina, Prolesha, Herakovo, Markovo, Belashtitsa, Branipole, Brestnik, Yagodovo, Krumovo, Parvenets, Malo Konare, Tsalapitsa, Banya, Blagoevgrad, Dupnica, Rila, Boboshevo, Kocherinovo, Yahinovo, Djerman, Usoika, Slatino, Mursalevo, Barakova, Rilci, Belo pole. More information about the deliveries can be found here.

What is the delivery price?

The delivery price is BGN 4.99 for orders up to BGN 69.99 and BGN 2.99 for orders from BGN 70 to BGN 99.99. For orders over BGN 100 the delivery is free.
*Only when paying with PayPal, an additional 3.4% of the order amount is charged.

How fast can I receive my order?

Your order can be delivered in 3 hours after the order is placed.

You can check the free delivery slots in the upper left corner of the site after logging in to your account.

Can I ask for an exact delivery time?

Deliveries are made within your chosen time slot and we cannot guarantee an exact delivery time. Our suppliers deliver on certain routes, depending on the load and the addresses they have in the specific time slot.

Under what conditions are the products transported?

All orders are delivered with refrigerated vehicles registered with the BFSA (Bulgarian Food Safety Agency). Frozen products are transported in additional refrigerated boxes with dry ice.

Will my order be uploaded to the floor?

Yes, the delivery we offer is made to the door of your home.

Are there preferences for people with disabilities of the musculoskeletal system?

Shop without delivery fee for orders over BGN 30, if you are disabled and your musculoskeletal system is damaged.

All you need to do is to inform us about your current TEMC decision by e-mail - or by phone - 0700 88 150, before you complete your order. We will confirm to you within 24 hours the receipt of your request and the activation of automatic free delivery from your customer account.

Payment of orders

What payment methods does the online store offer?

You can pay for your order in 5 ways:

- by cash or by card on delivery - on the spot upon delivery, in cash or with food coupons;

- online by debit or credit card;

- online via;

- online via transcard;

- online via PayPal;

Can I pay for my order with food coupons and what food coupons I can use?

Yes. The food coupons we accept are:

- Sodexo pass Bulgaria - Gift pass and Flexi Pass

- Edenred Bulgaria

- Prizma lux

- Bulgarian post

- Tombou Bulgaria

- Etap-Address


Can I pay by bank transfer?

No, at this time we do not offer bank payment for orders.

Where and how can I apply a promo code?

You can activate promo codes from your account or apply them manually when completing your order.
* If you have activated a promo code from your account, you do not need to enter it manually when completing the order.