Cleaner Domestos Pine Fresh 750 ml

750 ml

Expiry date: 01/01/2022

Brand: Domestos

Product code: 017997

Cleaner Domestos Pine Fresh smell of pine - suitable for cleaning heavily soiled surfaces such as terracotta tiles, WC - toilets, sanitary ware, tiles, sinks, drains, floors, sponges and rags. Kills all known germs and protects the home and office with 24 hour protection!

Instructions for use: Use undiluted Domestos cleaning of:
Toilets - Apply about 80ml of preparation under the rim of the toilet bowl and leave to act for one night, then rinse thoroughly with water.
Channels of kitchen sinks and bathrooms pouring into the canal about 30 ml. and the preparation was allowed to act at least 5 minutes, then rinsed thoroughly with water.
Use diluted Domestos the cleaning of floors, working solution - 60ml of the preparation are dissolved in 5 l. Of water until complete wetting of the surface and time of action 30 min.
Do not use undiluted on the floor!

Packing 750 ml

Manufacturer: Unilever

Country of Origin: Turkey