Cheese Roche Baron

100 g

Origin: France

Product code: 503213

Roche Baron is made in the town of Beauzac in the Auvergne region, in the Massif Central, France. This cheese is one of several that are made by curdling milk and separating the curds from the whey. Pressed into moulds, Rochebaron is then pierced with wires impregnated with Penicillium glaucum to produce blue veins through the soft whitish body of the cheese. The crust of edible ashes is dark matte grey. Coated with an edible ash rind, the rich & creamy Rochebaron has a characteristic blue flavour while being not very strong or aggressive. The cheese tastes best with crusty bread and fresh fruit.

Ingredients: pasteurised cow's MILK, salt, cheese cultures, rind colourant: vegetable carbon